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(just like I promised! :D This is about how Domenica and Rihoko met. This one is a different was they met to my other story "The Cross and the WitchBlade")

                                                                   Meaning of being a Neogene: Amaha's promises
                                                                                (Domenica's P.O.V)
                "So the WitchBlade is here once again, Doctor..." I said softly with a smile like my mother used to. "That is correct. I'll be out of the Hospital in a few hours... I'll meet you by my place..." Rihoko said through the phone. "Yes, Doctor... I'll meet you there..." I said before hanging up. "The first time me and Doctor met, we had a whole lot in common..." I said as I looked to the sky with a smile remembering the first time I was Doctor's friend. I was sitting there all alone. No one loved me, my mother was dead for a few months. But, someone found me and took me in. She raised me as her own. She knew my mother. " You do look quite a lot look her.." she said as she examined my facial structure. "I know, im surprised you knew my mother, Ms...?"" Soho... Reina Soho..." she said to me with a caring smile. "Shiori was my assistant since we were young. So, by the way, what's your name...?" she asked me. "My name's Domenica... Domenica Tsuzuki." I said softly. But a ding was herd from the kitchen. "Well, looks like the food's ready..." Reina said and got up. I sat at the table unknowing what to think. "Should I forget the past and call Ms. Reina my mother?" I thought to myself. "Is there something the matter?" I heard. I looked up quickly with a light smile. "No..! Not at all!" I said shaking my head. Reina let a gentle smile out. "You know, this this my very first time meeting you. You seem to act a lot like Shiori did." Reina said. "So, when was the last time you've seen your mother?" Reina asked me. I fell silent for a minute. "well?" she asked. "Last I saw my mother was, when she went to her creepy mode and vanished at the sea line... Then, when I got to a different dock, I saw two people on a Cabin Cruiser, then I saw a lady that looked like you walk over to them." as I remember these words "Where is she? I was told Shiori came to see you." the man said "She did." As the one that hurt me was "Director, what shall I do with the CloneBlade?" A man asked as he came out with a bag of crystalline dust and a gauntlet that my mother showed that I would get one day. My heart dropped when Reina said "But Shiori was my assistant...!" I knew my mother was dead. "So that was the last time you saw your mother...? You were watching us the whole time me and Reiji had that conversation." Reina said. My eyes widened. "That was you...? Then who was the other-?"" She's the bearer of the WitchBlade." Reina said. "The WitchBlade?" I asked. "Yes. A very powerful weapon that only bond to woman who are worthy enough to handle the power. But, in the end, destroys them. Just like how the CloneBlade killed Shiori." Reina said to me. "Please..." I said softly. Reina turned to me. "Please let me have the CloneBlade that destroyed my mother...!" I said a little louder with tear nearly formed in my eyes. "I'm sorry but"" Please! I need a piece of my mother with me again!" I said nearly crying as a tear rolled down my cheek. Reina could see I was persistent about this. Then Finally, she said. "Okay. Come with me..." she said. I nodded and wiped away my tears. She placed me in her car and strapped me in. Then she got on the other side. She drove me somewhere. I saw the building. " Now I can see the new results." Reina thought to herself as she looked at me. When we got to a certain room. I was taken out of my clothes and put in a pink hospital gown. "It's a little large!" I said cutely. "I know. but it wont for long. Once your bonded with the CloneBlade you'll be under age progression..." She said. "How old?" I asked. "Same age as your mother was... 24... But by the time you hit 24 on your real birthday, You'll age normal again." You're still mentally 6 in this new 24 year old looking body." Reina said. I nodded. I was ready. But, before she applied the CloneBlade on me, she took a blood sample. "This is for before and after. To compare your mental state of mind before and after your bonded with the Blade." Reina said. I nodded. Then, she got out the CloneBlade that my mother was killed by. I saw it's beauty. I held my left arm out. Then, when it was slipped on, I felt power. My body grow out of my childish figure. I looked down seeing was my small nipples hardening and my chest growing out forming large boobs like my mom's was. My butt swelled up and my figure became curvy near my butt. My hair grew a few inches longer and my age progression was finished. I looked at myself, I saw my mother, instead of me. I was beautiful. I saw the bracelet now on my wrist where the gauntlet was. It activated and I changed. My bracelet cuffs unlatched and wrapped up my arm like a virus. But, I didn't scream. I saw the new silver gauntlet now forming a large crescent blade. The gown I was in was starting to vanish and being replaced my silver and glowing armour. I was extremely beautiful. My gray eyes turned electric blue and my brown hair grown longer and turned snow white. Now, I was completely like my mother. CloneBlade and all. But, where Reina used to standing now stood a white CloneBlade. I recognized her now. "Lady..." I said softly. "Correct..." she said in a voice that matched Reina's. "Reina...? You're Lady...?" I asked since I remembered the stories about Lady my mom used to tell me. "You're very smart. Not a lot of people know my true identity, that is Reina Soho. But now that you own the CloneBlade, I will guide you on controlling it." Reina said to me. I nodded. "Yes... Sensei..." I said. Months after training, I met a little girl, called Rihoko. Reina brought her in saying that there was a DNA test and Rihoko was revealed to be Reina's biological daughter. I didn't know what to think. But I smiled and bent down. "Hi... just call me Aunt Tsuzuki... We're going to have a lot of fun together..." I said softly. Rihoko was very shy at first, when days passed, Rihoko opened up to me more. We played together and she told me everything she did with her other mom. "I got to taste your cooking one day Riko..." I stopped. "Do you mind if I-""Of course not, a lot of people call me that...!" she said with a smile. But, the next few days was unforgettable. It was late at night when I heard Sensei's scream of pain in her room. I rushed quickly seeing her holding her left wrist where her CloneBlade is. She looked really in pain. I tried to get closer, "Stay Back!" she said in pain. "My breakdown... it's progressing fast!" she said panting. She was in pain then I realized. "Just like my mother was before-" as a flashback of seeing her crystalline remains in a back. "No." I said. "I first lost my mother, now I can't lose you, Sensei!" I said clenching my fists. "You have no other choice, Domenica!" she said in pain. The pain in her finally stopped. She caught her breath and stood back up. The very next day after we all woke up. Rihoko was worried about Reina just like me... But, we heard someone trying to get it. Who was it? A thug or something? Reina got up. "Stay here." she said. We all heard the door get ripped from it's hinges. As a teenage girl with multi colored hair rushed in with a smile. She stopped and looked around. "Hi mom!" she said as she saw Reina. But, she saw Rihoko as her smile stopped. "What is that? Tell me!" she said. I sat at the table Rihoko stayed close to my side. "It's going to be okay, Rihoko, your mom will handle this..." I said. Rihoko gave a scared nod. The girl kept looking back and forth at Rihoko and Reina. "What do you want?" Reina finally said. "What I that thing?" she asked referring to Rihoko. "This girl is my daughter." Reina said in a calm voice. "Your what? No she cant be...! And you cant be her mom cause your mine! My mom!" the girl said. Then, the girl realized something. "I remember from that file, I get it now. That must be my baby sister right?" she asked. "That's right" Reina replied. "Why's it so scrawny?" she asked. "It's because she was born naturally." Reina said. "But the file said it was dead..!" the girl said. "Then the file must've been incorrect, or perhaps it was altered on purpose..." Reina said. The girl gasped. "I don't care bout' your excuses!" she yelled at Reina. Reina turned to me and Rihoko. "Go in the garage and wait in the car, I'll be down in a few minutes." she went over to the girl. "Why don't you try to calm down and we'll have a nice talk." Reina said as me and Rihoko went out the door. later Reina came down and drove off with us in the car. After the car got stuck, I felt something, so did Reina. "Sensei, should we?" I asked softly. Reina nodded and we got out the stalled car into the pouring rain. Reina looked heart broken when we left Rihoko in the car, that was the last I've seen of Rihoko. I followed Reina till I saw her phone break. A young CloneBlade, one I've never seen before, landed in front of Reina. "You're my mom!" She said. "It seems that way. Genetically at least." Reina said. "That thing is over there isn't it? I'm gonna get rid of it forever!" it said. I realized, it was the girl from the apartment. "No little girl, you will not." Reina said and went CloneBlade. "You hate me too! Why mom? You're not supposed to hate me! You're my mom!! Why?! TELL ME WHY!?" she yelled out in anger. Reina stood there with no emotion shown. But the girl was real angry but she began to smirk. "Okay fine. I'll get rid of you to!" she said and went at Reina. "Sensei!" I yelled. I got in front and stopped the girl's attack with my blade. "Nice timing on stopping that..." Reina said softly to me. I smiled. "What the!? Who are you?!" the girl yelled at me. But she remembered something. "Wait, now I remember you... you were the one at the table holding that thing close!" she said. "Yes, but, Rihoko is not a thing... either you leave my Sensei alone, or I'll physically hurt you." I said trying to keep my anger in control. The girl just let a cackle out. "Oh man! That has got to be the best thing I've ever heard!" she laughed. She calmed her laughing down. "Now, two against one, isn't fair... but, it is to me!" she said with a smirk and lashed away at me with her hair tendrils. "Domenica!" Reina shouted and got in the way, taking the hit for me. "Sensei!" I yelled. "I'm fine! Go, and check if Rihoko's okay!" Reina said trying to catch her breath. I nodded and ran from the fight fast. But, when I got to the car, the door was open. "No..." I said. I went out on a search but my CloneBlade sensed it... the WitchBlade was close! I decided to face her some other time as I went to find Rihoko. But later, I saw a helicopter flying away. It was dawn. I ran back to find Reina but what I saw shocked me. "Sensei?" I asked. Reina weakly looked up to me with a weak smile. "Domenica..." she said weakly as some tears dripped from her eyes. "My time... it's done..." she said and hung her head a bit. I heard something and hid behind a tree. A man came and saw Reina. I heard their whole conversation then, I saw it finally happened. Sensei died... I saw her crystallized body as she looked like she finally found peace... The man tried hard not to cry. I tried to stay strong as well. I left there, forever knowing, Reina wasn't coming back... I looked down and sighed. It only felt like the tragedy of my life was yesterday. I finally made it to Rihoko's house. I waited on her porch patently.

                                                              (Rihoko's P.O.V)
I was just getting out of the hospital. Tozawa waited for me with Yami and Ronnie. "Ms. Amaha!" Ronnie said happily and hugged me. "Glad to see you're better, Riko..." Yamkamata said to me. I smiled not noticing Yami had the WitchBlade on her wrist. My CloneBlade glowed slightly. I gently held it. "Hey, Rihoko there's a surprise for you in the car.." Tozawa said. I nodded and looked in. I saw a little girl, Ronnie's age, sitting there in a kindergarten outfit. I opened the door. I was surprised. My daughter. She was alive! I thought she was killed by the school shooting. Ruka hugged me. I was nearly in tears. This had me remember when I found Domenica again. It was around when I finally graduated collage again. I got into my car but I saw someone. Someone with a familiar face a saw when I was 6. I got out my car. "Excuse me?" I called. She turned around. "Yes?" she asked. I finally saw her face clearly now. She just turned around and walked again. "Aunt Tsuzuki!" I called out. She paused. "What was that?" she asked. "Aunt Tsuzuki... it's me..." I said. she saw my face clearer now. "Riko..." she said softly. I nodded. "Wanna lift?" I asked. she nodded. She got into my car. Later, I drove to my place. She sat on the couch. "Yeah. I have it all to myself..." I said. But she had a case of some sort. She smiled and opened it. "look..." she said to me. I saw a gauntlet. It was pretty. "It's called the CloneBlade." she said. "Do you want to be like me?" she asked revealing the bracelet on her left wrist. I nodded. She took it out and slipped it on my arm... this was the first time, I felt power... I kept on hugging Ruka I was so happy to be able to hug her again.


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