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heres my pictuers i did on paint.



:iconthechibifoxcub: :icondestinydannyphantom3: :iconsukida-adopts: :iconknowitall123-adopts: :iconearthcenturion: :iconkrossan:
Here my list...

Black Lagoon:

Revolution Okajima: Black Lagoon Revolution's path by eragoncat07

Violenea  Cisneros: Black Lagoon: Revolution's Path: Violenea by eragoncat07

Burst Angel:

Johnisei Carpenter: Street Clothes by eragoncat07

Jo: Jo by eragoncat07

Angele and Daniel: Angele and Daniel by eragoncat07

Randy: Randy by eragoncat07

Fenix: Fenix by eragoncat07

Akina: akina III by eragoncat07
Dance in the Vampire Bund:

Zyland Walker: Zyland by eragoncat07

Danina Tepes: Danina Tepes by eragoncat07

Purinsu Tepes Kabaragi: Purinsu Tepes by eragoncat07

Mei li: Mei li by eragoncat07

Jade: Jade by eragoncat07

Danny Phantom( who doesn't?! :XD:

Dave: dave dawn,dave phantom by eragoncat07

Allis and Kasie Wolfe: sisters together by eragoncat07 (my first OCs)

Jonece Fenton: jonece fenton by eragoncat07

Danise: Danise by eragoncat07

Dominic and Domino: Domino and Dominic Phantom by eragoncat07

Gabby Hull(new version): OOC Gabby by eragoncat07


Danicard: Danicard the Scythe Master by eragoncat07

Silvia Alucard Victoria: Silvia Victoria by eragoncat07

Regina Seras Victoria Bernadotte: Regi Bernadotte by eragoncat07>Regi older by eragoncat07

A.J: A.J by eragoncat07

Nera: Nera: Dont Fuck me, I'm Nazi! +colored+ by eragoncat07


Daniyasha, Miro, and Hersan: Siblings by eragoncat07

Kilala's kits: Ai, Suimin and Goku: Kilala's kits by eragoncat07


Eva Eevee:  Eva Eevee by eragoncat07

Soulist:You're Growing Up Fast Now, Aren't You? by eragoncat07 >Soulist by eragoncat07 >Human Soulist by eragoncat07

Crystal: Crystal Maria's Eevee by eragoncat07>Crystal Glaceon by eragoncat07

Umbrea: Umbrea Fight Pose by eragoncat07

Lady Maria: Lady M by eragoncat07

Haunting: Haunting the Zombie Eevee by eragoncat07

Ebony: Umbreon girl Ebony by eragoncat07

Ivory: Espeon girl Ivory by eragoncat07

Jay: Jolteon girl Jay by eragoncat07

Saiyo: Sylveon girl Saiyo by eragoncat07

Lieotta: Leafeon girl Lieotta by eragoncat07

Glattal: Glaceon girl Glattal by eragoncat07

Flora: Flareon girl Flora by eragoncat07

Vira: Vaporeon girl Vira by eragoncat07

Evilin: Eevee girl Evilin by eragoncat07

VeNgEaNcE: My Creepypasta OC by eragoncat07

Aza, Uko, and Mespra: Aza, Uko, and Mespra by eragoncat07

Vampireon: Vampireon by eragoncat07

Ashi no 3:Ashi by eragoncat07

Christyan the Vulpix: Christyan the Vulpix by eragoncat07

Mercedes: Mercedes by eragoncat07

Kyouya: Kyouya by eragoncat07

Mina: Mina by eragoncat07

Korosu: Korosu by eragoncat07

Chinccino Eevee: Huruhi
Absol Eevee: Glacier
Purple Umbreon: Muna
White and green Zorua: Akira: New Friends by eragoncat07

Toro No On'nanoko: Toro No On'nanoko by eragoncat07

Serenity: Serenity's balloon by eragoncat07

Emerald and Sugar: Emerald And Sugar by eragoncat07

Rei the Pikachu: Rei The Pikachu by eragoncat07

Seroka: Seroka by eragoncat07

Midnight: Midnight by eragoncat07

Roe: Roe by eragoncat07

Kuro Revy: Kuro Revy by eragoncat07

Nella, Petat, and Night: Nella, Petat, and Night by eragoncat07

Electri: Electri the Pikachu by eragoncat07

Phyro: Maria's Fennekin by eragoncat07

Soul Eater: 

Hel: My Soul Eater OC by eragoncat07

Orabra and Viriann: Viriann and Orabra by eragoncat07

Ira Red Star: The daughter of Black star by eragoncat07

Aria: Me And You, Aren't Far Apart by eragoncat07

Shujaat Evans: Shujaat Evans by eragoncat07

Liška: Liška by eragoncat07


Daniko: Daniko by eragoncat07

Danielle-Maria: Danielle-Maria( bio underneath) by eragoncat07Danielle-Maria CloneBlade by eragoncat07All new Danielle-Maria by eragoncat07

Asami: Asami by eragoncat07

Doemnica Tsuzuki: Domenica Tsuzuki by eragoncat07

Tridina Amaha: Tridina Amaha by eragoncat07

Nagasaki Amaha: Nagasaki Amaha by eragoncat07

Misana Amaha:Misana Amaha by eragoncat07

Ozonyaki: Ozonyaki by eragoncat07

Laura: Teenager Laura by eragoncat07

Masagi: Masagi by eragoncat07

Maria Amaha: What The Hell Are You Staring At...? by eragoncat07

Danieru: WitchBlade Danieru by eragoncat07

Ronnie and Yami: Ronnie and Yami by eragoncat07

Merena Keresky: Merena Keresky by eragoncat07

Sakura Takayama: Sakura returns by eragoncat07Matured Sakura by eragoncat07Sakura's first change by eragoncat07

Kohaku: Kohaku by eragoncat07Kohaku CloneBlade by eragoncat07

Saki Soho:Saki Soho by eragoncat07

Naomi Soho: Noami Soho by eragoncat07

Aiko: Aiko by eragoncat07

Yarie: Yarie GeneBlade by eragoncat07

Dāku Kasai: Dāku Kasai by eragoncat07


eragoncat07's Profile Picture
Dani Fenton(Yamkamata Amaha)
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello mortals... and Welcome to my profile... Here, you'll find many things retaliated to vampires... Blood sucking, neck bites and even more...! And also, sorry fellas, i'm taken, by my love EarthCenturion, but we can still get together, if you want me to give you the taste of immortality...

..._...|..__________ __________, ,
....../ `---___________---- _____|]
...../_==o;;;;;;;;__ _____.:/
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----

Put this gun on your profile if you would jump in front of a bullet for the one you love.

I Like Blood by Skailak

Protected by Vampires stamp by purgatori

Bitches-Love-Cannons by ArmorKingTV21

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